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The Monastery in the years of the Ottoman occupation

   The Monastery flourished during the last quarter of the 17th century when the completion of the Katholikon also took place. It was officially declared a legal entity, proportional to the Muslim mosques, by Sultan Mahmud I in 1733, who granted it certain assets.

   During the Ottoman-Venetian war (1687-1699) as well as the revolutions of 1770 and 1821, the Monastery provided aid to the province and shelter to the deprived, both locals and foreigners, and support to the military force involved in the blockade of the fortress of Nafpaktos.

Abbess Marianthi with sisters and locals at the stairs of the inner courtyard of the Monastery.

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Abbess Parthenia with sisters in front of the entrance of the Katholikon (1970).

Recent History

   It became a women's monastery in 1940 under the guidance of Abbess Mariam who officially came to the Monastery in 1943 receiving her monastic name Marianthi during her tonsure.

   Abbess Mariam was succeeded by meek, humble and quiet Abbess Parthenia.

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