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Abbess Marianthi, the first abbess of the Monastery from 1940 to 1960.

Abbess Parthenia, second abbess of the Monastery from

1960 to 1998.

   According to information obtained from the Monastery's Monk's Book, Abbess Marianthi (born Mary Golia) hailed from Daphne, Nafpaktos. She reposed in 1960, leaving the locals with fond memories of her dynamism and hard work as well as her untiring efforts for the reopening of the ruined Monastery with the help of her four-member accompaniment.
   In 1960 Abbess Marianthi was succeeded by Abbess Parthenia, who led a peaceful life of prayer, meekness and humility - as the older ones remember - with her accompaniment until her reposition on 8.11.1998.

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