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Linden (tilio).

It is useful for the nervous system and rheumatism.


Net Weight 30gr.

Φλαμούρι (Τίλιο)

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  • Linden or lime is one of the most popular herbs in Greece. The name origins of the Greek word “tiler” that means fiber, because the bark of linden has infinite fibers. According to Commission E the flowers of the herb heal dry cough, bronchial and colds. Furthermore, linden is useful for the nervous system, arthritis, rheumatism and anticonvulsant. It prevents the creation of arteriosclerosis and hypertension. The European Medicine Agency (EMA) mentions that linden is supported that is known for migraines, nervous vomiting, sedative and slightly hypnotic

    Scientific name: Tilia platyphyllos. T. cordata

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