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Dried Oregano collected from the mountains of the area. The most valuable herb – spice of the Greek land.


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  • Oregano grows in natural abundance throughout the Greek landscape are naturally rich in anti-bacterial properties and have a potent source of anti-oxidants.  Nowadays, oregano is a main ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, offering excellent smell and flavor. Oregano has 12 times more antioxidant activity than oranges, 30 of potatoes and 42 from the apple. Oregano is useful because is stimulating and sweaty. It cures cold, flu and helps to cure skin diseases, such as infections, psoriasis, fungal infection and itching, too. Tea of oregano has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties; as a result it neutralizes viruses and bacteria. These actions are caused by two basic ingredients of oregano carvacrol and thymol. The tea of oregano heals digestive and genital infections.

    ** The essential oil of oregano is as effective and beneficial for our body

    Science name: Origanum vulgare

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