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Grape Spoon Sweet no sugar.

Homemade spoon sweet, no sugar, made with fresh white grapes from the Corinthian earth, the favourite fruit of August and the tastier.


The grapes contain natural sugars, iron, vitamines A, B, C, K and dietary fiber. It contains potassium, calcium, iron, 

phosphorus, magnesium and selenium with unique taste, antioxidants and high comprehensiveness to theraupetic ingredients. The grapes also slow the process of aging.


This uniquely tasty spoon sweet contains grapes at a precentage of 78%. The grapes go well with cool yogurt or ice cream.


Store in a cool and shady place with room temperature below 25 °C until expiration.


Grape (78%), Grape juice , Lemon juice, Sweet scented geranium


Net Weight 240gr.

Γλυκό Σταφύλι χωρίς ζάχαρη

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