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Fig Spoon Sweet no sugar.

Homemade spoon sweet, no sugar, made with fresh wild figs. The spoon sweet is made from spring wild figs from the mountains. Figs are one of the favourite fruits, rich in dietary fiber and potassium helping to regulate the blood pressure. They are also rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamines A, B, C.


This uniquely tasty spoon sweet contains figs at a precentage of 68%. The shiny green colour goes perfectly with vanilla ice cream. You can also added chopped, for colour and aroma, in a cake or any other sweet.


Store in a cool and shady place with room temperature below 25 °C until expiration.


Fig (68%), Grape juice, Clove, Water, Lemon juice.


Net Weight 240gr.

Γλυκό Σύκο χωρίς ζάχαρη

6,00 €Price
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