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Dear brothers and sisters,

   We welcome you to the website of the Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist Vomvokou, Greece, under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Nafpaktos and St. Vlassios.

   With the amazing grace of St. John the Baptist, we hope every online worshipper will see browsing our website as a small testament of our Monastery to its presence and contribution in the life of the Church as well as the history of our land.


The Abbess 

Mother Eirini 

and my sisters in Christ

   The Holy Monastery of St. John the Baptist was possibly founded in the 11th century. It is located 15 km NE of Nafpaktos near the mountain village of Vomvokou on the eastern slope of Mount Riganion, at 530m. It is an approximately 40-minute drive from Patras via the Rio-Antirrio Bridge.

   Its monastic community consisted of men until 1940. Since then, it has been a women's monastery. With the amazing grace of St. John the Baptist a sisterhood, led by the Abbess Eirini, who has resided there since 2004.

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