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Our book is a journey through the liturgical landscape that extends from the feast of Christmas until Pentecost. Beginning with the Incarnation of the Son of God, the divine work of the salvation of the world, it continues with the luminous feasts of holy Theophany and the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, reaching the rich liturgal period of the devotionary Triodion. The uppermost crown of the journey is Easter, during which we become partakers of the grace of the saving Resurrection of Christ. At this point a new path of expectation and desire opens up to us, leading to the great and final feast of Pentecost. Our journey reaches its end with the Sunday of All Saints. When the Holy Spirit came to dwell in the Church, the greatest fruit which was imparted were the Saints. The main work of the Church is to produce images of Christ. But who is Christ? He is the New Adam, Who came, suffered and ascended the Cross having only one thought and one desire: to save the whole world.

The Eternal “Today”

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