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Vegetable Casarecce.

The porcini mushroom, sweet red pepper and leek bring out the most special colors
and aromas in this pasta. Its wavy shape causes… waves of excitement to
everyone! It integrates perfectly into the Mediterranean cuisine as it goes well with all sauces, both tomato and basil and white creamy sauces mixed with cheeses as well as all types of meat. It is easily cooked in the pot as well as in oven recipes, as its shape matches any culinary inspiration.


Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, sweet red pepper, leek, mushroom, water


Net Weight: 500g


Boiling time: 12 Min

Στριφτάρια Νηστίσιμα με Μανιτάρι και Πράσο (Vegan)

SKU: ZM 21
4,50 €Price
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