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Enhances brain function


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Ginkgo Biloba

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  • Ginkgo biloba is a tree that reaches over 35 meter high. It is the favorite herb of Chinese and Japanese and they use it to  enhance  brain function, improves memory and concentration. It is considered, an excellent natural medicine with amazing strengthens of memory and intelligence. Recently, researches proved the benefits of gingko biloba. In China, the gingko biloba has been a sacred tree and people have used it as medical before 2800 b.C. Nowadays, gingko biloba is the best of herbs for memory and brain function. The active ingredients are very effective to increase blood flow to the brain, memory and general alertness. Additionally, researches have shown that gingko biloba is a valuable and highly safe therapy, in cases of cerebral insufficiency. This herb restores a smoother blood flow to the brain. The gingko biloba reduces memory loss, confusion, disorientation and psychological activity. Furthermore, gingko biloba reduces the chances of brain. It makes platelets less sticky, thus reduces the chances of forming a clot and block blood flow to the brain. It helps you to stop the brain damage, which was caused by Alzheimer disease. The gingko biloba is an accepted treatment for Alzheimer disease in Germany and some other countries.

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